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Local Farm with Local Values

Family Owned and Operated since 1920 spanning 5 generations.

Our family farm is located on 138 acres of picturesque land in the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

At Cervenka Farm, we take great pride in providng our customers with the highest quality produce, fruits and vegetables available.

We offer a seasonal assorment of the finest fresh produce from our own farm as well as other local and slect national farms.

Our Story

Top of the Hill Farm

Rudy and Mary Cervenka moved to the farm in 1920 from NYC. Rudy was born in the Czech Republic and fought for the US Army in WWI. After being exposed to mustard gas in the war, he moved out to the country for fresh air. Mary’s foster family purchased the farm for them as a wedding present and that was when Cervenka Farm began.

Jerry or “Pop” ran the 138 acre farm after his father passed. At its peak of production, he tended over 22,000 laying hens. His wife Margie, washed and graded the eggs along with their two daughters, Karty and Cheryl. George, the eldest, helped his dad pick and feed mostly Rhode Island Reds, bred for their calm nature and good production of brown eggs. The three-story, oak floored coop, affectionately known to us as “The Hotel” still stands today, filled with bales of rye and straw, harvested by many machines and strong hands.

In the 60’s or first roadside stand blossomed, starting as two peach baskets, a board, and pyramids of Jersey tomatoes tended by the sisters aged 7 and 10.

As customers asked for even more fresh vegetables Jerry built a plywood shed that he would drag up the lane on a sled with the Farmall tractor every spring. The wooden windows propped up with sticks each morning! Thus, the first official Cervenka Farm stand was opened with Margie’s expertise! One day, on a trip to Pennsylvania countryside, Jerry (always the innovator) noticed a beautiful little farm market. He stopped made friends with the owners, and then Pop drew up the plans for his own stand based on what he saw. Soon a respectable farm stand market rose from the ground up! A few years later, an addition was made to the south side installing a cooler and prep space.

Over time, we became well known for our farm fresh produce, especially our own tomatoes and sweet corn! Customers never minded waiting for the freshest picked field-to-market sweet corn, as Jerry and George race up the farm lane in their 4-wheel International Scouts, used to haul the hand picked “Silver Queen”.

Jersey tomatoes always grew well in the rich topsoil of Hunterdon Couty. Truckloads traveled from our farm to Campbell’s Soup Factory every summer, upon request from the company, because of their great flavor. In the fall, trailer loads of pumpkins were sold to the famous Mrs. Smiths’s Pie Company.

Cutting flowers, which started as a beautification plan, quickly became a customer favorite. From early summer to first freeze, Kathy walks the zinnia patch in search of the perfect bouquet to make customers smile.

Years of Farming

Family owned and operated, serving Hunterdon County since 1920.



179 Klinesville Road
Flemington, NJ 08822